Price List:

  • 2 clases per week: 40€ a month.

  • 3 clases per week: 60€ a month.

  • Everyday : 80€ a month.

Come and try your first class for free! To begin to train with us it is not necessary to have any basic fitness level, it is assumed that here you come to improve your physical condition no matter what level you have. You do not need to bring anything special, just comfortable clothes, desire to train, “suffer” and ENJOY.

There are also fees for those who are on vacation and want to come and train with us for a period of less than a month. To do this, please contact Medano Training Center first.


Terms & Conditions

The training process will be subjected to the following terms and conditions, in order for the client to know the rights and duties that he acquires when hiring our services.

  1. The monthly payment should be made within the first five days of each month (cash or card).
  2. Weekly or daily payment should be made at the begginning of the start of each week or day.
  3. There is a maximum of 8 people per class.
  4. Each class will last between 45-60min.
  5. The class will be previously reserved by internet or one hour before at the box.
  6. A reservation can be canceled as late as an hour before, failing to do so carries a punishment and the class is lost.
  7. If the client is late, apart from punishment, the class begins to count from the time that was stipulated.
  8. In the event that the coach becomes ill or is unable to instruct the training session, the session will be canceled.
  9. If the customer arrives after 20 minutes of the stipulated training time, he will lose the session, and will be charged.
  10. The training schedule will be subject to availability of the gym agenda.